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The recent story about Sodium Valproate causing developmental difficulties and autism in children, if taken my their mothers when pregnant, is fascinating. Does this tendancy for Epilim to damage neurological function in developing brains extend into childhood, if it is the child who is epileptic?

Submitted by Graham on

Hi Graham

The particular risks being highlighted are about what happens with an unborn child when the mother is taking sodium valproate.

Sodium valproate is often prescribed for children. Sometimes it can have side effects. These usually go away when someone stops taking the medicine. If you have any concerns it would be worth talking these through with a doctor.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by Cherry-Epilepsy... on

Epilepsy or the Big E as I call it there is a bit of light. Both myself and my wife suffer from epilepsy it took my wife's sisters life my epilepsy is totally uncontrolled 30-40 seizure's a year but the stigma has changed. I let it get the better of me and attempted suicide 18 months ago after 27 years of fighting the feeling of shame and self hatred that comes with it . The fact I did not succeed made me look at life differently found part time work in a large supermarket and now see apart from fear at first the people who I work with do nothing but show care and wonderful support and even customer's who see me go into seizure on the shop floor will go out of there way next time they shop to give me encouragement it is wonderful the feeling of shame is fading there is a long way to go but people understand and except things even when in recovery mode far better I look at things far more positive now please never give up, things are only getting far better and remember the sun does shine after the storm of each seizure. The medication I take 3000mg Levetiracetam 200mg lamotrigine 1200mg tegretol 20mg clobazam daily have there draw backs but positive attitude around you by people is life changing

Submitted by michael flanagan on

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the excellent, positive story!

Rich - Epilepsy Action

Submitted by rich on

This is typed by my support worker by lip reading my words that a question I need to find out. Firstly I had a very enjoyable job teaching physics etc. I was a very active rock climber also. in 1999 after 30 years of working, I passed out next moment I was in the hospital. I had a scan which by then was diagnosed with grand mal seizures. For a year I was on 6500 overnight in 2008 I was clear with non-epileptic and took all my drugs away which I was over the moon I can drive again and get into working again. With being taken off it went to 18 in day 3 at night 4 min long throughout the weeks. I was stopped then not after seeing the neurology only nurse. As a few weeks went by I was having further seizures 18 av 4 but other developments started to occur I had to see a professor who picked up what the neurology did not pick up twice two mild strokes. also by then through multi tests, my sensory was becoming damaged. Over a short period of time, the sensory affected Sevier blind mute from the right side of brain sensor damage brain. Then with the non-epileptic was not easing after one seizure I was out for a while in and out with miniature nonepileptic. with damage with throat sick but solids, I could no longer swallow with a peg in the side with a syringe. My legs have no sensation after all the tests going in a wheelchair. With reduced epileptic now with unknown to me taking epilepsy tablets, this is in single figures. With the neurology from the old hospital, I only see the nurse which the question is not relevant and coming out why to go do I need to go as nothing happens and have non-epileptic. Just be glad when all these appointments stop. Certain matters don't match up through this is confusion. Have or not, I have other concerns to think about.

Submitted by Geoff Bosworth on

I'm 45 years old I was diagnose with epilasy, when I WS 38,2013 I WS having seizure then 4:years past without having suzure BT now I became sensitive if I gt angry then then the suzure start, why I'm having so many suzure nw I'm on medication I don't drink

Submitted by Ndeshi on

Hi Ndeshi

Seizures can start again for many reasons. The most important thing is to get back to see your specialist about this.

They will do some investigating to find out why. For some people the explanation can be to do with certain possible seizure triggers.

Stress can be a particular seizure trigger. We have more information about ways in which you can help to manage your stress levels.

For some people seizures which are especially stress-related may be dissociative. Your specialist will see if this is possibly what is happening for you.

If we can be of any more help, please feel free to contact us again, either by email or the Epilepsy Helpline freephone 0808 800 5050.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by rich on

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