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Monday 13 March 2017

Epilepsy Action welcomes TikTok removing harmful #seizurechallenge

5 Jun 2020

UK charity Epilepsy Action has welcomed TikTok’s decision to remove harmful 

Latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and epilepsy

3 Jun 2020

Epilepsy Action regularly reviews and updates its coronavirus information.

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My Journal: Cathy

22 May 2020

Cathy loved playing videogames, but a car accident left her with photosensitive epilepsy. But today, she’s working with the industry to help ensure people with epilepsy still get to enjoy games. 

Cruise control

22 May 2020

An act of senseless violence led to Phil developing epilepsy. Then, he decided to devote his life to researching the condition. 

Introducing epilepsycast

18 May 2020

Epilepsy Action is excited to launch epilepsycast – a brand new podcast about all things epilepsy.

Accord topiramate stock in the UK

15 May 2020

Update on 15 May 2020

We’ve received a stock update for Accord topiramate tablets:

25mg tablets: in stock but some wholesalers are out of stock

50mg tablets: in stock

100mg tablets: out of stock. May be back in stock from September 2020

200mg tablets: out of stock. Accord does not know when they will be back in stock.


NHS App allows for easier and faster access to services

5 May 2020

People are now able to access a range of NHS services using a smart phone or tablet.person on their phone

Strike action in France could cause shortages of Sanofi valproate medicines

1 May 2020

Update on 1 May 2020

We have heard from some people who are having trouble getting 200mg Epilim gastro-resistant tablets from their pharmacist.