Parents and children

Parenting is an exciting and challenging time in anyone’s life.

Epilepsy can be part of that challenge. Whether you’re a parent with epilepsy, or you care for a child with epilepsy, we’re here for you.

A parent sitting next to her child smiling, while holding a baby.

I am a parent with epilepsy

In this section, we provide information about safety and caring for your child, where to get support and resources to help explain epilepsy to your child.

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A parent smiling with his child in the park

I have a child with epilepsy

This section provides information and resources, to help you support your child with epilepsy at any age.

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A family eating a picnic together in the back of a van

Support for parents

We’re here to help you and your family, whether you’re seeking advice, looking for help to explain epilepsy to your child, or need support.