We campaign to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. We work with healthcare professionals, politicians and the public to fight for the services, care and support that people with epilepsy need – and deserve.

  • Epilepsy in Northern Ireland

    Our new survey highlights the need for more epilepsy specialist nurses in Northern Ireland.


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  • Cannabis-based medicines

    Cannabis-based treatments

    From the change in the law to the challenges around access, we’ve been involved in this debate from the start. Find out what these changes mean for people with epilepsy and what we are doing to improve the situation.

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  • Sodium valproate campaign

    mother and child

    We’re committed to making sure all women taking sodium valproate are made aware of the risks

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  • Epilepsy and employment

    Epilepsy and employment campaign

    Too many people with epilepsy are unemployed. We want employers and the government to take action so that everyone with epilepsy that can work, is able to.

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  • Epilepsy and welfare

    woman with paperwork

    Many people with epilepsy are not getting the help and support they need through PIP. The current PIP assessment process is not working for people with epilepsy

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