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Treatment with epilepsy medicines

Everything you need to know about epilepsy treatment. Also a list of all epilepsy medicines, how they affect your bones, how they affect contraception and the Yellow Card Scheme

Getting the right teatment for your epilepsy

The patient journey

Guidelines and initiatives for getting the right care and treatment for your epilepsy

The NICE Guideline, the NHS Constitution, the Care Quality Commission and Choose and Book

What to do if you're unhappy about your treatment

Ways of making a complaint

Other ways of treating epilepsy

Brain surgery, deep brain stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, the ketogenic diet and complementary therapies

Getting the same version of your epilepsy medicine every time

Why it’s important to get the same version of your epilepsy medicine, generic prescribing and parallel imports

Complementary treatments

Includes information about herbal medicines, supplements and essential oils

Treatment and care for seizures that last more than 5 minutes and for status epilepticus

Emergency treatment, individual plans and consent and information about status epilepticus


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Hi i was just wonderin whether herbal tea is ok to drink if u have epilepsy

Submitted by amanda perera on

Hi Amanda

I’m pleased to say, it is OK to drink herbal tea if you have epilepsy.


Epilepsy Action Advice and Information Team

Submitted by Diane@Epilepsy ... on

Hi my name is hassan I have son whom he starting sizure 6years ego and we have to go german to INI samii in hannover for 5time untill treatmentaly my son sizure but tyey cannot doing enyver. How we can help my son he doing sizure every day for 10min

Submitted by hassan on

Hello, my son is epileptic and is currently taking 300mg of Lamotrigine twice a day, morning and night. Would this dosage be based on a person`s weight as in the last 6 months he has lost 75lbs in weight, do we need to get his dosage reviewed by his consultant.
Regards Mike Taylor

Submitted by Mike Taylor on

Hi Mike
For an adults and adolescents aged 13 years and above the dosage of lamotrigine isn’t decided on a person weight. But if your son is showing signs of his lamotrigine being high, you should talk to his doctor.

Some signs are tremors, dizziness, confusion or feeling sick.

Epilepsy Action Advice and Information Team

Submitted by Diane, Epilepsy... on

My son is 8 years and have a convulsion February but he have it when he had flue and his temperature is high and now he is taking epilimy syrup I want know that he had epilepsy

Submitted by lumka on

Hi Lumka
Epilepsy is usually only diagnosed if someone’s had more than one seizure, but people can sometimes be diagnosed after just one seizure if the doctor thinks it’s likely they could have more. If you speak to your son’s doctor, they should be able to tell you if they think he has epilepsy or not.

Best wishes
Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by Grace, Epilepsy... on