3 – Floor dancing and painting with epilepsy

Published: June 17 2020
Last updated: September 28 2022

Bob Sutcliffe was 36 when he had his first seizure. We talk to Bob about how his attitude to his epilepsy has changed over time, the unique way he has found to look after his wellbeing, and his motto “never give up.” Bob’s paintings have raised over £100,000 for charities, including Epilepsy Action.

All over the world, people are speaking up for the rights of black people following George Floyd’s death. Youtuber Derrick Kay, who has epilepsy, shares his story about an awful experience he had a few years ago following an interaction with the police. See more from Derrick and hear what he thinks needs to change, by watching his video on our social media channels.

Show notes:

Thank you to Richard for his listener feedback. Get in touch with the show at podcast@epilepsy.org.uk – we’d love to hear your comments or stories to read and share.

Two positive epilepsy stories across Britain – Harry has received an unsung hero award from the Belfast Telegraph for his selfless work at a supermarket during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucy, age 9, has made a fantastic video highlighting Childhood Absence Epilepsy, receiving praise in the Border Telegraph.

DBC – We’re one of many organisations who wrote to the Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently to ask the government to increase the levels of PIP during the pandemic. Get involved at the Disability Benefits Consortium.

Primary school teacher Bob developed late onset epilepsy at the age of 36 in 2006. He has been diagnosed with a Juvenile myclonic form of epilepsy. He experiences jerks, absences and tonic-clonic seizures. Bob was initially seizure free for seven years but after a heart attack at 46, his medication became unbalanced in April 2018. Bob chats to us about breaking multiple bones due to his seizures, the moment he felt like his life had changed and how he’s turned his recovery time into some incredible work for charity. bobonpaintings.com

Watch Derrick’s video on Epilepsy Action’s social media channels – just search @EpilepsyAction – and on Derrick’s Youtube channel.