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19 May 2015

Lisa and David were devastated when their new baby developed epilepsy – and conventional treatment simply wasn't stopping his seizures. Would Cole ever find a new treatment option that would allow him to become seizure-free?

18 May 2015

Epilepsy Action this week releases the results of a new survey. Sadly, the results are not surprising. People with epilepsy all over the UK could – and should – have access to better treatments to improve their health and wellbeing

11 May 2015

New studies in Japan have identified a drug that may help people with epilepsy whose seizures don't respond to medication. The drug changes the energy supply to the brain – effectively mimicking the ketogenic diet

11 May 2015

Using a drug based on a chemical found in the cannabis plant to treat epilepsy has been controversial to say the least. An early study from the US may lend more weight to its scientific standing, however. The study suggests that the drug is safe, well-tolerated and effective