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Epilepsy Action’s ‘Epilepsy and you’ online self-management course short-listed for a healthcare industry award

1 Dec 2017

Epilepsy Action was shortlisted for a healthcare industry award for its online self-management course, ‘Epilepsy and you’. The course was developed to help people with epilepsy better manage their own condition. The charity was nominated for the Health Service Journal’s 2017 Awards.

Government update to guidelines about switching between different forms of epilepsy medicines says prescribers should consider the individual’s concerns

1 Dec 2017

The government has added to its guidelines about switching between different forms of epilepsy medicines. The update says that prescribers need to take into consideration people’s thoughts and concerns.

Potential product defect with Buccolam (buccal midazolam) prefilled plastic syringes

30 Nov 2017

Shire Pharmaceuticals in the UK has reported a product defect with some of its Buccolam prefilled syringes. In a small number of cases, the translucent tip-cap has stayed on the syringe when the red cap is pulled off.

If the translucent tip-cap stays on the syringe it will stop the medicine entering the mouth. It could also lead to the tip-cap falling into the person’s mouth when pressure is applied to the syringe.

Fitness to practice medicine impaired, says medical tribunal looking into Dr Valerie Murphy in charge of Connor Sparrowhawk’s care

14 Nov 2017

Dr Valerie Murphy’s fitness to practice medicine has been found to be impaired by misconduct. This was decided by a medical practitioners tribunal on Sunday 12 October.

Dr Murphy was in charge of the care of 18-year-old Connor Sparrowhawk at an NHS facility in 2013. Connor, who had epilepsy, learning disabilities and autism, died after having a seizure in the bath.