6 – A marathon and not a sprint

Published: July 27 2020
Last updated: October 03 2022

Patience was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14. She has both tonic-clonic and focal seizures, sometimes two or three a week. Patience chats with us about her epilepsy journey. How her sister reacted to her first seizure, how shocked her friends and family were, her struggles with work and an invisible condition and her incredible decision to move her life to a different city. Throughout, Patience maintains her philosophy: ‘Keep in control’. Check out Patience’s new YouTube channel ‘Complete Patience’.

Show notes:

This week’s epilepsy news:

  • With face coverings in shops becoming mandatory on 24th July, we share advice received from Dr Rhys Thomas about how safe they are for people with epilepsy.
  • The International Bureau for Epilepsy is looking to gather stories of people’s experience with COVID-19 and lockdown. Please email us on podcast@epilepsy.org.uk to share any stories.
  • Epilepsy Action has launched its gaming for good fundraising programme. Set yourself some gaming challenges, stream on your platform of choice and get your viewers involved in donating and learning about epilepsy.