7 – epilepsy and having a baby

Published: August 10 2020
Last updated: September 28 2022

Ibby had baby daughter Niamh just under four weeks ago. She had seizures all through pregnancy, including just before the epidural for her C-section. We talk to her about being new to epilepsy, the joy of having a baby and the challenges the two can bring together.

Show notes:

This week’s epilepsy news:

  • We talk through an article from The Sun about some shocking figures from the Office for National Statistics showing that Brits are more likely to have a degree than to have no qualifications at all – but those with epilepsy are the least likely to have a degree and the most likely to have no qualifications out of all disability types.
  • Keele University researchers are looking for the opinions of people with epilepsy, carers, family, friends, people who receive alerts from wearable alarms and healthcare professionals. The aim is to explore how people use them, and what their opinions are about them.