8 – A winning tale of friendship

Published: August 28 2020
Last updated: September 28 2022

Ellis, 9, was diagnosed with focal epilepsy in 2019. His whole world was turned upside down, becoming withdrawn and depressed. His seizures still aren’t under control.

Reggie, a good school friend of Ellis, has proven to be a hero when it comes to recognising Ellis’ seizures. Both in person and throughout lockdown, Reggie checks on Ellis to keep his spirits high. We talk to the two boys about epilepsy, friendship and what they’ve been up to recently.

Show notes:

This week’s epilepsy news:

  • As season one of epilepsycast draws to a close, we look back over some of our favourite moments of the podcast so far.
  • We share a story from Joe who was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 15, now 28 he still isn’t seizure free. We always want to hear powerful stories from people with epilepsy.