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Epilepsy Action awards

24 May 2018

The Epilepsy Action Awards took place for the first time in May, at the Leeds Civic Hall in Leeds. The ceremony brought together people from the worlds of fundraising, education, employment, media, the NHS and support groups. They all had one thing in common – a passion and drive to improve the lives of people with epilepsy.

We put the call out for nominations back in the winter, and the stories soon came in. We heard about the amazing support people had received and the inspirational people who had helped them or their family. Fast-forward to May and we were meeting these heroes, and the people on whom they’d had such an impact. All their feats, big or small, from sky dives to years of volunteering at a local group, were all driven from very real experiences. These stories were uplifting, often emotional and each time showed that whatever epilepsy throws at you, having people who care, encourage and believe in what you do can achieve great things. You couldn’t help but have a smile on your face and feel proud.

It was a very rewarding experience for some of our guests with epilepsy. Just being in the same room as others who understood and were celebrating their achievements together could help them feel better about their own health problems.

2018 Epilepsy Action award winners

Andy Hewitt, representing Employer of the Year Bartuf said: “John and I had a really nice time yesterday, you guys certainly know how to do a ceremony!

“The event was well organised and it was lovely to meet you all and to listen to all the nice stories about your charity.”

Kathryn Favell, whose daughter Sophia was supported by the Secondary School of the Year, Pontypridd High School said: “I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful afternoon. We as a family are truly humbled by everyone's stories.  Thank you again for inviting us, we had such a lovely time.”

A huge thanks to our wonderful presenters, nominators, winners and guests for such a brilliant day. 

Now the hunt begins for next year’s heroes. So if you know of a group, a school, an employer, healthcare professional, fundraiser, blogger or campaigner who makes a real difference to people’s lives, please let our press team know by emailing press@epilepsy.org.uk

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I am now 73 but had Epilepsy since I was 15 and have been on drugs since I was 21. I have had a lot of help from the NHS and I always worked. I am a qualified nurse and worked in many hospitals. I had a second ethical career with the local authority. I have travelled a lot as an independent traveller and have worked with marginalised people. I can write stories and doggerel. I have two hearing aids now.

Submitted by Val Fieth on

This is a fantastic way to say thanks to those who have been amazing to others in some way regarding epilepsy.

Submitted by Jenni Williams on
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