We exist to improve the lives
of everyone affected by epilepsy

Working with corporate partners and sponsors

Epilepsy Action values the support we receive from pharmaceutical and other commercial companies as part of a diverse fundraising strategy. That includes donations from individuals, charitable trusts and other corporate supporters. This diversity ensures that, as a membership charity, we are able to continue our work to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action will only accept and continue sponsorship agreements and other forms of donation which:

  • contribute to the achievement of the charity’s stated charitable aims and objectives;
  • are consistent with the value and beliefs of the charity; and
  • do not jeopardise the organisation’s charitable status.

Any financial support or gift in kind from the pharmaceutical industry or other commercial partner is accompanied by an individual partnership agreement. Each agreement covers what the money or support is for. They make it clear that Epilepsy Action retains editorial control of any publications, conferences or other materials that are produced.

Epilepsy Action is open and transparent in its declaration of all substantial sources of funding. Grants and sponsorship with a value of £10,000 and above, including support given in kind, are reported in the Annual Report.

Any materials produced or events run as part of a corporately funded project will acknowledge the funding so our supporters are aware of how the project is funded.

Any pharmaceutical supporters must make sure that their involvement with Epilepsy Action complies with The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice or any laws.

The acceptance of sponsorship from a pharmaceutical company does not imply the endorsement of the company's products by Epilepsy Action.

The acceptance of sponsorship from any other commercial company does not imply the endorsement of the company's products by Epilepsy Action unless this is specifically stated.

Sponsorship and grants from corporate supporters including pharmaceutical companies in excess of £1,000 will be listed on the Epilepsy Action website. The value of the sponsorship or grant will also be included where it is above £10,000.


In 2016 Epilepsy Action is grateful to the following companies for support as follows, the value of the support will be declared after the end of the financial year once the annual report and accounts are approved.


Advice and information sessions


Gift in kind, Google Ads

UCB Pharma

All Wales pregnancy symposium


All Wales pregnancy symposium


In 2015 Epilepsy Action was grateful to the following companies for support as follows:

UCB Pharma

Epilepsy Commissioning Toolkit, £25,000
Epilepsy Nurse Induction Course run by Epilepsy Alliance (Epilepsy Action and Epilepsy Nurses Association)

Cyberonics Europe BVBA (now LivaNova)

To fund a campaign, Seize Control, £20,450
Advice and information sessions, £15,000
Funding for the Nicola Piccard Bursary Fund


Gift in kind, Google Ads £35,500

Event Date: 
Friday 10 April 2015 - 16:00

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