Epilepsy Action's strategy 2017-2023

  • A VISION for people affected by epilepsy

    We want all people affected by epilepsy to receive the healthcare and support they need and the public respect, fairness and understanding they deserve.

  • A MISSION for Epilepsy Action

    To strive to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action is defined by its values. They guide what we do, how we work and the decisions we make.

We are positive about epilepsy and passionate about what we do. We are creative and innovative in our thinking and confident in our actions.

We care about people with epilepsy and their families. We listen to them and we respond to their needs. We never forget that epilepsy is about people.

We are a diverse and inclusive organisation that actively reaches out to people across all countries of the United Kingdom and welcomes everyone affected by epilepsy.

We represent by being a community of interest around epilepsy - reflecting peoples' hopes and aspirations and providing identity, unity and a voice.

Our goals

These are the two things that people affected by epilepsy tell us would make the biggest improvement in their lives – high quality, accessible healthcare services and greater awareness and understanding of epilepsy.

  • Goal 1:To improve the quality and availability of health care services for people with epilepsy.

    To achieve this we will continue to concentrate on:

    1. Providing advice, information and training
    2. Giving people the skills and opportunities to speak out for themselves and for others affected by epilepsy
    3. Influencing national health policy
    4. Influencing and supporting local health service design, commissioning and delivery
    5. Research
  • Goal 2:To improve awareness and understanding of epilepsy.

    To achieve this we will continue to concentrate on:

    1. Encouraging and supporting people to be open about epilepsy
    2. Publicly celebrating positive attitudes towards epilepsy and challenging negative attitudes
    3. Engaging with national and local decision makers

What does success look like?

We'll know when our vision is becoming a reality when we see evidence of the following:

  1. More people getting access to specialist healthcare and treatment for their condition
  2. People with epilepsy informed about their condition and their views influencing their care and treatment.
  3. Fewer epilepsy related deaths.
  4. Rates of epilepsy misdiagnosis going down.
  5. More people achieving seizure control.
  6. People with epilepsy being open about their condition.
  7. People with epilepsy achieving their maximum potential in life.
  8. Positive changes in public attitudes towards epilepsy.
  9. Greater social inclusion of people with epilepsy.
  10. Changes in public policy and the law to treat people with epilepsy fairly.
  11. Positive changes in the employment of people with epilepsy.
  12. Fewer people having harmful side effects from anti-epileptic drugs.

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