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Website linking policy

Epilepsy Action is committed to working closely with other organisations that share our aims and values.

Links from your site to ours

  • We're happy for anyone to link Epilepsy Action's website – either to the home page, or to any page on the site.  You do not need to ask our permission to link to us.
  • Please don't use the Epilepsy Action logo without our permission. Applications to use it can be made to mmorton@epilepsy.org.uk.
  • Links made to our website shouldn't suggest any endorsement or sponsorship by Epilepsy Action of your site, products or services.
  • Please also make sure that nothing on your site suggests that any part of the Epilepsy Action site is part of your site.
  • The page you link to on our site must be displayed with its URL displayed in the user’s browser address bar.

Links from our site to yours

We get lots of requests from organisations and individuals to link to their websites. Our policy is to consider these websites carefully in the light of the following criteria:

Websites that we link to should meet the following criteria:

  • be directly related to epilepsy, or complement existing information on our website;
  • be respectful of the needs of people with epilepsy, and useful to people with epilepsy, their carers, family and friends, and professionals working with people with epilepsy;
  • not have a sole purpose of endorsing or selling products to users;
  • make sure that the ownership of the site must be immediately evident to visitors, with the owner's name displayed;
  • be well presented, and updated appropriately.

We won’t link if the professional reputation of the site owner is unknown, or if there are grounds for doubting the accuracy of the content or suspecting uncritical bias.

Links to other epilepsy patient organisations

We will usually only link to:

We may link to other epilepsy patient organisations if their focus is solely on one topic where they may be able to provide more information than we can, such as a particular treatment or syndrome. Any such sites would still have to comply with our list of criteria, in the bullet-point list above.

Links to other charities and non-profit organisations

In addition to the above standards, we will only link to other charity sites for information purposes. We will not link to other charity sites purely to promote donating to those charities.

Commercial organisations

We may link to commercial organisations if they have a direct commercial relationship with Epilepsy Action, for example, a company organising fundraising events for us or one of the companies in our ‘give as you shop’ range.

We may also link sponsors of Epilepsy Action's work, but only to acknowledge their donation or support.

Epilepsy Action accepts advertising across a range of its products. Complete advertising packages that include both Epilepsy Today and Epilepsy Professional magazines, and the Epilepsy Action website are available.

Location of links

Epilepsy Action will decide where any external links from its site should be. Links within the content of epilepsy information pages will only be used if they form part of the information provided.


The Digital Media Manager is responsible for deciding which links are acceptable from the Epilepsy Action website.

Suggest a link

If you want to suggest a site we should consider linking to, please email the digital media manager at mmorton@epilepsy.org.uk.

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