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Angelika Barre

Becoming a mummy & also having a short film made about myself to raise awareness of epilepsy.
I have had uncontrolled epilepsy since the age of 10 (both Tonic Clonic, once a week or more, & absence seizures, up to 30 a day).
I was asked to make a short film about my life, which explains how I deal with epilepsy. It’s been watched by 2296 people on You Tube and has also been used by The Kilele Foundation Kenya (which raises awareness in Africa). Doing this gave me the opportunity to give a talk about my life/achievements with epilepsy for The Goldsmiths University, London. The support I’ve had from people has been amazing!
After many years of planning a child with my husband, & many people telling me "you would be irresponsible to try & be a mother with epilepsy" , I have had my first child, Jessica (9 months old & perfectly healthy) . I decided to put peoples ignorance about epilepsy to good use. Being told I wouldn't cope, made me stronger. Jessica has actually made me proud of myself. I have coped perfectly well without much help. I have shown those who never thought I could!

Angelika Barre
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