Willow Garden Day Nursery wins epilepsy award

Published: November 26 2019
Last updated: September 27 2022

Willow Garden Day Nursery has won this year’s early years education award. The nursery supports Amelia, two, and her family.

Amelia was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was six months old. She has focal seizures that happen around the times she is asleep. They are sometimes prolonged which can put her at risk.

The nursery staff provide amazing care to Amelia and her family. They have invited epilepsy specialists to come into nursery and give advice about how they can give Amelia the best support possible. The nursery management made sure that all the staff at the nursery were trained to handle Amelia’s seizures safely.

Every member of staff was issued with a stopwatch to time any seizures Amelia has. All the staff have also watched home videos of Amelia’s seizures, so they clearly know what to look out for. Amelia’s current medication makes her very drowsy. The nursery makes sure there is a quiet space for Amelia to rest early in the mornings. They also provide one on one support for her.

The nursery provide support to the whole of Amelia’s family. They regularly check in with the parents, asking how they are doing and offering extra help it it’s needed.

The nursery was nominated for the award by Kelli and Jason Sly, Amelia’s parents.

Kelli said: “We are incredibly proud that Amelia can continue to thrive in the nursery setting. Without the incredible staff and management at the nursery, Amelia would definitely not be developing as fantastically well as she is. We are grateful for their support, and this is a well and truly deserved award.”