Epilepsy healthcare worker award for Malisa Pierri

Published: November 26 2019
Last updated: September 27 2022

Malisa’s work has benefitted thousands of people with epilepsy in Wales.

She has worked for over 15 years as an epilepsy specialist nurse in the Alan Richens Unit (epilepsy unit) in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

Malisa supports people with epilepsy through her regular clinics and over the phone. Beyond this, Malisa has developed and delivered a wide range of clinics and services that have improved health services for countless people with epilepsy.

Because of Malisa’s work, people who present to the Emergency Unit with a suspected seizure are now assessed by specialist nurses. These assessments are helping people get an epilepsy diagnosis sooner and start treatment. More than this though, Malisa led a project which has reduced the waiting time for someone’s first specialist epilepsy appointment to two weeks. This makes a crucial difference at an anxious time in people’s lives.

Malisa runs epilepsy clinics for women who are pregnant. She also runs a prison epilepsy clinic, providing support that this vulnerable group of people would otherwise not get.

Malisa volunteers as a speaker at professional conferences and Epilepsy Action events all over Wales. She has spoken up for people with epilepsy in the Welsh Assembly, speaking about the importance of epilepsy specialist nurses.

Ann Sivapatham, Epilepsy Action Wales manager, said: “Malisa is a talented, hardworking and highly motivated epilepsy specialist nurse. She is a major driving force for improving health services for people with epilepsy in Wales. Malisa is a shining example of how nurses can improve the lives of their patients.”

Accepting the award, Malisa said: “I am humbled to receive this award. Knowing it comes from an organisation representing patients makes it extremely special. I am so pleased to hear that the work that we do at the Welsh Epilepsy Centre makes a difference to the lives of people with epilepsy.”