Epilepsy award for Puss Bank School and Nursery

Published: November 27 2019
Last updated: September 27 2022

This year’s primary school award is going to Puss Bank School and Nursery for their support of pupil Claire, aged nine. Claire has epilepsy.

Unfortunately, Claire’s epilepsy isn’t controlled by medication. She has regular seizures, and experiences lots of side effects from the many medicines she takes.

Claire has attended Puss Bank school since she was four. The school has worked tirelessly to make sure that Claire’s needs are met. She has a one to one support worker who stays with her throughout the school day. Staff adapt every activity so that Claire can take part. She has never had to miss out. Beyond this, the school support Claire’s whole family, always checking in with her parents about how they are.

Staff at the school have worked closely with Claire’s epilepsy specialist nurse. They have received epilepsy training, including training about how to use Claire’s emergency medicine. As well as this, they have a thorough plan about how to manage Claire’s epilepsy and seizures. This has been put together by the school, Claire’s parents and Claire’s medical professionals.

Claire is actually leaving the school soon to attend a special school which will be more suited to her needs. But she has only been able to stay at Puss Bank for so long because of the school’s outstanding support.

The school was nominated for the award by Jo Shuker, Claire’s epilepsy specialist nurse. Jo said: “Many schools would struggle to manage Claire’s needs day in and day out but for the Puss Bank staff it is their norm. They provide Claire with a daily routine. It is clear to see how poorly Claire is but the school never her make her feel different. They do all that they can to support her and the family.”