Helping Hands awards: Corbaley Morris

Published: October 28 2021
Last updated: September 28 2022

Corbaley Morris, from Warwickshire, is our final Helping Hands 2021 winner for the fantastic support he gives to his little brother Kyson.

Their mum Nichole nominated Corbaley, 8, for the award for being “the best big brother” to Kyson.

Kyson, 3, has had epilepsy since he was seven-months-old but he has recently been diagnosed with Dravet syndrome He is also non-verbal and has developmental delays but Corbaley works with him, using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to help Kyson communicate with his family.

Nichole said Corbaley also makes sure he looks after his little brother when he has a seizure. “Kyson’s seizures are uncontrolled so we don’t go out much or go on family holidays like we used to. Corbaley never moans that he is missing out on doing things like other children his age. He will also make sure Kyson is happy and safe. After Kyson has a seizure, he will roll him on his side and help ring the ambulance or wait out the front for them.”

“Once Corbaley had to dress up at school in what he wants to be when he’s older. He chose to go as a paramedic. He said it was because paramedics and doctors help to make people better and he wanted to help Kyson and other people like him too. We know many children his age will never have to go through as much as he has had to, but he handles it so well. It means a lot for him to be recognised as he usually only hears from people he knows how good he is with his brother. We are all so proud of you, Corbaley. You’re the best big brother in the world to Kyson and you’re growing up to be such a helpful, happy boy.”

Accepting the award, Corbaley said: “I was so proud and happy when I heard I’d won a Helping Hands award. I love everything about my brother – he’s so special to me and I want to help him and make sure he’s safe.”