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Everyone’s epilepsy story is unique, and sharing your story helps others know they are not alone.

These are inspiring stories; of being diagnosed, over-coming challenges, fundraising and much, much more. Please share your story too.

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I am epileptic, amongst other things, and my health is far from brilliant. But that does not define me. I am Ruth. I am a fighter. I am a warrior.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at aged...



My autobiography is called 'Wanting to be Anyone but Me.' It took me several years to write and I finished it just before my fortieth birthday. I'm now forty one.  And the...


My name's Emily Sian Donoghue, I'm a 22-year-old living in England, turning 23 this year. 

I am working hard to keep up a growing community of people who wish to...


I grew up with Epilepsy.
Some people laughed; some people had no idea what it was or what to do; only a few people helped when I fitted - but not enough people know what it is.
I can...

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