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Megan, 10

My greatest ever achievement was taking part in an indoor sky dive.

I'm 10 years old I have had epilepsy since I was 6 years old, and thats when i had to go on medicine. I've now been told I have complex partial seizures and my medication has changed.

I have lots of my seizures at school but my teachers are really good, and my friends are too because school told them what they needed to do. I don't like having seizures because they are embarrasing. I didn't really understand much about epilepsy and I don't know anyone else with it. I found the epilepsy action website and they had lots of good information and they even sent me some in the post.

To say thankyou and to raise more awareness of epilepsy (so other people can understand more about epilepsy) I decided to fundraise. I wanted to do skydiving but I'm too young and I've not been seizure free for 2 years. I found out that I could do indoor skydiving. So that's what I did. I got a just giving account and advertised the event. I was even allowed to do a show and tell at school to tell my class what I was doing. I did my dive on 26th October 2011 it was great fun and now I want to do the real one when im old enough!

I managed to raise £1000 and my target was only £100 so I was really proud. I also got in the local newspape, and I'm also in the Epilepsy Action Possitive Action leaflet. I didn't know it would be so fun, and it was easier than I thought it would be to do. I'm definatly going to do more again this year.

Best wishes, Megan

Megan, 10
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