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My first ever seizure was back in 2008, I was in year 7 of high school, I had a seizure in the classroom and all I can remember was coming around with a paramedic and feeling rather embarrassed as my classmates had all seen it happen. I went to the children's hospital and was informed there wasn't anything they could say really unless it happened again.
So for about 6 years I didn't have another generalised seizure. However I was experiencing complex partial seizures, which I did not realise. I shared this experience with others but we all believed it was just dizziness. Not understanding that seizures like this existed! This is why raising awareness is so important to me.

I had my second generalised seizure in 2014, I then received care from a neurologist, was informed about my partial seizures and had to surrender my driving licence I was so proud to have already got! I had MRI scans to alleviate problems that may have caused my seizures such as brain tumours which came back clear, the cause was unknown. During this time of investigation I experienced more generalised seizures and was having more partial seizures than ever.

I am now on medication every day and fortunately haven't had a generalised seizure in almost a year. Im working to getting my driving licence back and I'm studying at University to become a health care professional. Providing empathy and dignity to those who aren't always in control over what happens to their body drives me. I believe every person on this world has their own battle, even if that's supporting a loved one. That is just the card we have been dealt and we have to learn to adapt to our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


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