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Alexandra Gibson

My name is Alexandra, I am nearly 30 years of age and I live near Portsmouth.

At the age of 4 and half I was with my mum, dad and brother Angus staying with my grandparents in Scotland. One night whilst in bed my mum and dad thought I was having a nightmare within a week of this happening I was having almost 30 seizures a day, mainly at night.

My Doctor referred me to a consultant at Southampton General Hospital, I actually had a seizure in front of the consultant and he immediately put me on Epilim, this made me hyper and I fell down the stairs and split my head open. From there up to the age of 11 I was being prescribed different drug combinations to control my seizures, I spent a week in Great Ormond Street having to let Telemetric and MRI scans.

I was referred to another consultant at St Thomas's hospital and was diagnosed with complex partial seizures and very unlikely to be cured by an operation. I was attending school but my seizures were not under control, my consultant sent me to an epilepsy centre in St Piers (Lingfield) for 6 weeks, the team wanted to establish all aspects of my epilepsy, communication, needs and education.

A full report was sent to my consultant and my parents. At the age of 14-15 by now I was already a year behind my classmates, my medication was changed and I suffered a terrible time of seizures breaking through. I was sent to hospital and to get these seizures under control I was given Phenytoin however with lots of side effects and the dosage was far to high. I did not go back to school for 6 months as I had to be weened off that drug whilst another drug was being introduced.

Because of my age I was transferred to an adult clinic and was seen not often as I would like. My GP was quite concerned both the lack of care and I was sent back to Great Ormond Street for further MRI's and Telemetric. My consultant took maternity leave and I was placed under the care of another consultant, my GP wrote to St Thomas Hospital concerning my seizures and in her terms I had fallen through the cracks of the floorboards. I then spent 7 happy weeks at Chalfont St Peters surrounded by lovely people all suffering different forms of epilepsy.

Again, I have had many MRI scans they have all come to the conclusion that at present surgery is not suitable for me because they cannot pinpoint the source. After school I attended my local college and obtained BTEC IT courses and I work for my father as a marketing assistant, because of tiredness I work in the afternoons. Unfortunately I have had a number of bad falls and which has resulted in bruises, scars as I blackout and fall to the ground.

On a happier note last year I spent a week with my brothers in Lanzarote at a sports complex and some of the activities one of my brothers would be onhand. I like gym, music, dancing, golf, cooking and I would like to go away with a number of friends who have my condition and we look after each other.

Alexandra Gibson
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