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Hi, I'm Emily but all my friends call me Ems. I am 16 and have epilepsy and have been diagnosed with it since the age of 12 but the doctors believe that I've had it since I was 8, maybe younger.

I have Juvenile Absence Epilepsy which I take 3 different medications for everyday because I get the absences everyday.

I HATE it when people use the word 'suffer' because I'm not suffering, I'm being a 16 year old girl just with a hidden super power...epilepsy.

I had my first major seizure on my 15th birthday where my parents had to call 999. Since then we have had to call it only 9 more times which within over a year is pretty amazing.

On the 13th August 2018 I ended up in Hereford Hospital because my tongue blocked my airways, however our neighbour is a nurse so she helped my mum and dad while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

I count myself a very lucky girl as even though I might not be able to drive, I have a medication routine that works for me and we are able to adapt it to try and prevent the absences as much as possible. That's my epilepsy story, well for now anyway...

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