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Everyone’s epilepsy story is unique, and sharing your story helps others know they are not alone.

These are inspiring stories; of being diagnosed, over-coming challenges, fundraising and much, much more. Please share your story too.

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keeping the happy personality God gave me even though my seizures can't be controlled. Mum loves to hear how I help people to smile!

Lisnaskea N.I

For many years I have experienced bouts of depression. I always described it as trying to climb out of a black hole without a ladder!
I feel that on a personal level one of my greatest...


I sometimes find it very difficult to understand how other people are feeling because of my autism but I feel that one of my greatest achievements is having empathy for my mother when she lost her...


My recent achievements is getting a job at the Belmont Drop-in centre. I start at 10 am finish at 12 I have a drink before I begin and wash my hands before preparing the food. I wear a hat and...


Despite have meningitis at 8 months, which left me with right temporal lobe epilepsy, I have graduated three times (Hons Degree Chemistry, MSc Waste Management and PhD). I underwent a partial...

Stewarton, Kilmarnock

Choosing the high school I wanted to go to because I really felt I'd be happy and looked after, despite the fact that none of my friends from primary school would be going to that high school with...


i got a G in my maths mock exam and in the real GCSE exam i achieved an E

Sang at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


Getting into College!

Over the last year my Epilepsy has got a lot worse making life a lot harder. Despite the Bad List being rather long I have achieved a lot of good things over the last...


Never being held back! When I was diagnosed with epilepsy, aged 9, I was given a list as long as my arm as to the activities that were deemed "unsafe". Academically, my epilepsy was expected to...


to keep going.I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was thirteen years old.

Since then I have successfully achieved many goals. These include:
taking part in an eight week...

One of my greatest achievements is raising awareness and sponsorship money for people with epilepsy.I competed in the Woodhall Spa 10km road race last year and raised about £150 for the Epilepsy...


running the 10k for the 6th year running. i just love running and this year i beat my personal best time and did it in 1 hour 36 minutes and 6 seconds. I did it for 2 charities i love - epilepsy...


getting good grades and living a happy life.

I am 15 years old, and I have had epilepsy for 9 years.

Through those 9 years I have learnt that it can be hard to live with when your...

Good grades and happiness

I was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 23. I lost my license for 5 years as unfortunately I kept having seizures around 10-11 months after the previous one. I live in Cambridgeshire in a small village...

Radio personality

We are proud parents of daughter Lucy who is 6 today. She was born with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and developed Epilepsy at 2 yrs old. She is a bubbly, talkative little girl and has such a can do...

Ashford, Kent

Running the Royal Parks Half Marathon for Epilepsy Action in 2009 - despite having seizures every few weeks and being rather heavy for a long distance runner, it really was an amazing feeling to...

Forest Hill

being able to read as good as my school friends.

I'm eight years old, but this time last year I struggled with my reading and was 2 years behind my class mates.

After lots of hard...

I'm now an excellent reader

Becoming a fully qualified counsellor and running my own busy private practice despite never being able to complete my A-Levels or Degree due to returns of my epilepsy.

Having epilepsy made...


becoming a fitness instructor despite having had a brain tumour, stroke and epilepsy which all mean I have a very poor short term memory and balance. I started the course just 7 months after the...


Managing to stay awake in school.

croydon surrey


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