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Everyone’s epilepsy story is unique, and sharing your story helps others know they are not alone.

These are inspiring stories; of being diagnosed, over-coming challenges, fundraising and much, much more. Please share your story too.

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My big achievement happened this year, when I completed a Bsc (hons) Health and Social Care, with The Open University. The degree itself took six years to complete and a lot of hard work. Whilst...

Degree triumph

...running my own business making and hiring wigs for TV, Film and Theatre. Since a young age I'd wanted to work doing wigs in musical theatre and travel luckily at around 20yrs old my career took...

Runs own business called Wigs up North

My six year old son, Samuel has an undiagnosed seizure condition, and has many varying forms of seizures. He also randomly goes into status epilepticus and has to be hospitalised.


Learned to play a note on his keyboard

....winning National Championships for Baton Twirling many times over, and twirling at national level for a number of associations. Gemma's mum, Vicki, said: Gemma has won numerous trophies, has...

National baton twirling champion many times over

...gaining a blackbelt in Taekwondo. When i was at school i had a complete lack of co-ordination and confidence due to epilepsy and my mother and father took us to alton towers as a treat in 1990...

Andy gained a blackbelt in Taekwondo

becoming the first ever female professor of astrophysics at University of Warwick at age 39!

Sandra was diagnosed with temporal lobe complex partial seizures in 1980, during her...

First female professor of space & astrophysics at Warwick University

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 3 years old. At the age of ten, I was admitted to hospital with my epilepsy. When I was in hospital it was then I decided I wanted to become a nurse. I...

Became a nurse despite the odds