NHS App allows for easier and faster access to services

Published: May 05 2020
Last updated: September 29 2022

People are now able to access a range of NHS services using a smart phone or tablet.

The NHS App is designed for anyone over the age of 13 who is registered with a GP surgery in England.

With the app, if your GP surgery has enabled all the features, people will be able to:

  • Get updates and advice on coronavirus, including what to do if they believe they have it
  • Order repeat prescriptions from a list of available medicines and nominate a pharmacy for prescriptions to be sent to
  • Manage GP appointments, including searching for, booking and cancelling appointments, as well as viewing details on upcoming and previous visits
  • Check their symptoms using NHS information and review advice and treatments on many conditions
  • Securely view their medical records, including details on allergies and current medicines
  • Register as an organ donor, including which organs they wish to donate
  • Find out how the NHS uses their data, and choose if their health records and be shared for research and planning

After downloading the software to their phone or tablet, users will be able to set up an NHS login. When this is done, they are connected to information from their GP surgery.

In addition, depending if their phone supports such security features, people will be able to login to their NHS app using their fingerprint or face.

The digital service will help people access their medical appointment information more quickly and ensure they do not forget about appointments. They will also be able to order their prescriptions more easily, such as epilepsy medicines, without needing to speak over the phone.

The app is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Epilepsy Action deputy chief executive Simon Wigglesworth said:

“We welcome this new app from the NHS and hope it proves a helpful tool for people with epilepsy to manage their condition. Being able to find out essential epilepsy information, keep in touch with their GP more easily or request epilepsy medicines at the touch of a button should make a great difference. We look forward to seeing how this new app will benefit people with epilepsy.”

If having downloaded the app, you cannot access any of the features listed above, we suggest you contact your GP surgery and ask if these services will be enabled.