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Leading epilepsy charity asks: ‘What does epilepsy look like?’

5 February, 2015

Purple Day, 26 March 2015 is the global day for epilepsy awareness. To mark this, UK charity Epilepsy Action asks; ‘What does epilepsy look like?’.   In this unique project, Epilepsy Action has collaborated with people with epilepsy to document their condition during the last year. The result is a series of photographic journeys that show the impact of epilepsy on the individual’s daily life; from the bumps and bruises of seizure-related accidents to managing multiple medicines and major life events.

Epilepsy Action backs new guidance for clinicians to communicate pregnancy risks

30 January, 2015

National charity Epilepsy Action is supporting new strengthened guidance issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This guidance highlights the information doctors must give to women with epilepsy, of child-bearing age, about the risks associated with taking sodium valproate in pregnancy.