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Purple Day 2018 – Monday 26 March

More support for people with epilepsy? It's your call

For Purple Day this year, Epilepsy Action is focusing on the life-changing work of the Epilepsy Action Helpline.

As you can see from Rob's story, the Helpline gives people the support they need to live better with epilepsy.

Now we want to open the Helpline for longer, so even more people can get that vital help.

Your support on Purple Day will mean we can be there on evenings and weekends. It means we can be there for more people with nowhere else to turn. Just like we've been there for Rob.

Your support means more people will be able to take control of their epilepsy, however it affects their life.

More support, for more people living with epilepsy – it's your call. Please donate today.

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Purple Day


Event Date: 
Wednesday 26 March 2014 (All day)

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Why the Epilepsy Action Helpline matters

The Epilepsy Action Helpline is the only epilepsy helpline providing information accredited by the NHS England 'Information Standard'.

The Epilepsy Action Helpline is free to call from all UK mobiles and landlines. A list of other ways to contact the helpline is available at epilepsy.org.uk/helpline

The difference you will make

Purple Day donations to Epilepsy Action will be used to expand the Epilepsy Action Helpline service. Your donations will increase the number of hours that trained experts are available to answer enquiries during evenings and weekends. The projected cost for this expansion over three years is £99,700. Any funds raised over this total will be used to support the ongoing operation of the Epilepsy Action Helpline.

What does a helpline call cost?

Based on 2016 figures, and including enquiries received online and by email, it costs around £18 to answer an enquiry to the Epilepsy Action Helpline. The number of calls to the Epilepsy Action helpline rose by 6% in the 12 months to December 2017.

What is Purple Day?

Read our interview with Purple Day founder Cassidy Megan. She started a global day of epilepsy awareness while she was still at school.


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Purple Day

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