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Our online Talk and support groups are a great way of connecting with others who have experiences of epilepsy, in a safe and relaxed environment. Browse our different group themes below, or join a general group today.


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About our groups

Too busy to meet in person? No means of transport? If you’re struggling to attend an in-person meeting, don’t worry!

Our online Talk and support groups are a great way of connecting with others online who have experiences of epilepsy, in a safe and relaxed environment.

Our groups provide a chance to share stories and gain valuable insight about how others manage their epilepsy.

Find all the information you need to join a virtual call in our virtual group guide.


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Our virtual groups offer you...

  • A warm welcome
  • Space to listen and talk
  • A chance to connect with others
  • The opportunity to share experiences

Our general groups

Virtual groups from Epilepsy Action are a great way to connect with others.

Our virtual groups are open to anyone in the UK who is over 18 and affected by epilepsy. They present the opportunity to hear and share stories from people with epilepsy and their loved ones.

To attend a meeting, register your free place on Eventbrite by clicking the link below:

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Parents and carers

Our parent groups provides the opportunity to talk about parenting with epilepsy.

Whether you have the condition yourself, or are supporting somebody else with the condition, meet other people who understand and sign up today.

Parents with epilepsy


Parents/carers of adults with epilepsy


Parents/carers of children with epilepsy
A person receiving a new epilepsy diagnosis from a doctor

New to epilepsy

When epilepsy is new in your life, it can be hard to know where to start.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or waiting for a diagnosis, our New to Epilepsy Talk and Support group can help you connect with others who are just starting out on their epilepsy journey.

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Black and people of colour

Epilepsy Action’s support groups welcome anybody affected by epilepsy to talk, listen and share experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Black and People of Colour virtual Talk & Support group.

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Men's group

Talking about epilepsy can be difficult. However, speaking to others going through the same things can help.

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Employment and epilepsy

We know that people with epilepsy still struggle to find, and stay in work. People with epilepsy have one of the lowest rates of employment among disabled people.

Our Epilepsy and Employment virtual talk and support group is here to to help people with epilepsy to find, and stay in, work.

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Menopause group

Understanding how epilepsy and the menopause can feel difficult.

This group is for people to share experiences of both with others who may have similar experiences.

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Want to run a group?

Want to volunteer to run a group?

We have a variety of virtual groups which meet online every week. You can pick and choose which groups you want to help support. If you are patient, compassionate and understanding with a basic understanding of I.T, you’d be perfect for this role.

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