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A gift in your will

gift in your will

Together we can improve life for people with epilepsy, today and for years to come.

You might be surprised to learn that nearly one third of all the money raised for Epilepsy Action comes from gifts in wills. These gifts come in all shapes and sizes ranging from £100 to £100,000 from 1% of an estate to 100% or a percentage of what’s left over after you’ve looked after your friends and family.

Any gift you’re able to leave can change someone’s life:

“I’m so glad I rang the Epilepsy Action Helpline and spoke with Kathy. Thanks to her advice and understanding, I gained the courage to go back to my GP and ask for a medication review. As a result, my medication has been changed, the headaches have stopped and I feel like me again!”

When £120 can help answer 20 Epilepsy Helpline calls with trained specialists, you can see how even a smaller gift in your will could make a big difference to someone like Maureen.

Just like Maureen, over 1.4 million other people received advice, information and support from Epilepsy Action last year. Support that will help them manage the effects of their epilepsy and change their lives for the better.

With your help we can:

  • Treatment


    Make sure people with epilepsy have expert healthcare and treatment.

  • Campaign


    Campaign for lives free of discrimination.

  • Give advice

    Give advice

    Give free specialist advice from the Epilepsy Action Helpline.

Big or small, once you've looked after your friends and family when you leave a gift in your will, you'll be creating a brighter future for everyone affected by epilepsy.

When you’ve remembered your loved ones, please remember Epilepsy Action in your will.

"When mum died, she left a letter which asked us to give to Epilepsy Action. It was just her way of saying ‘thank you’"

Sandra Hough- daughter of Joan Evens

“I wrote my will simply because life is moving on and I am not getting any younger. Knowing that I have made a gift to Epilepsy Action in my will makes me feel positive that progress will be made when I am gone.”

Steven Tummons

"It’s really important to me that they are able to continue to help people with epilepsy... This is why I decided leave a legacy to Epilepsy Action."

Alison Jackson

If you have any questions call your legacy advisor, Lisa on 0113 210 8816.

Different types of gift

There are three main types of gift you can leave to charity:


A percentage gift of whatever is left over once you’ve looked after your friends and family.

Once any specific amounts of money and items that you want to leave have been given to your family and friends, anything left over is called the ‘residue’ of your estate. You can leave part or all of this to Epilepsy Action.

This type of gift is often preferred by supporters because you know that your friends and family will be taken care of first and it is likely to retain its value over the years.


A fixed monetary gift.

Specific gift

This is a gift of a ‘thing’ such as a house, land or shares.

Getting your will written or updated

If you’ve already made a will, your solicitor can add a gift to Epilepsy Action with an extra, legally-binding statement called a codicil. For our codicils see the “Wording for wills” section below.

Even if you are making a will for the first time, your solicitor may need much of the same information. If you give this codicil wording to your solicitor, you can be sure your gift will go to Epilepsy Action, not an organisation with a similar name.

We strongly advise that you get a solicitor who is a member of The Law Society to make any changes to your will as doing this yourself can invalidate your entire will, which risks your wishes not being carried out.

You can use our National Free Wills Network to make amends to your existing will for free.

National Free Wills Network

Epilepsy Action is pleased to offer you a free, confidential will-writing service through the National Free Wills Network.

All of the solicitors linked to the National Free Wills Network are accredited by The Law Society so you can rest assured you’re getting the right advice.

Get my free will

How does the National Free Wills Network work?

What is the National Free Wills Network?

The National Free Wills Network includes hundreds of Law Society accredited solicitors across the country. They have agreed to charge lower fees for preparing simple wills for supporters of participating charities. As a supporter of Epilepsy Action, you can make or update a simple will at no cost through this easy service.

If I don’t pay for my will, who does?

Epilepsy Action pays, but we pay a much lower fee than you would be charged as an ordinary client. You are not under any obligation to include Epilepsy Action, or any other charity, in your will.

Why are Epilepsy Action offering this service?

People like you are the reason that Epilepsy Action exists. Your support means we can continue to provide vital services for people affected by epilepsy. Gifts in wills make up a huge portion of that support. The Network means you can make a will easily and have peace of mind that comes from knowing you have made provisions for your family, friends and favourite causes. This is our way of saying thank you for your support.

But, you said I don’t have to remember Epilepsy Action to use the Network?

You certainly don’t! However, it would be great if you could take a moment to imagine the difference you could make to future generations. You can create a brighter future where people with epilepsy are treated with dignity and respect, get faster diagnosis and more ongoing support and care.

How complicated can my will be?

Most wills are straightforward and covered by this offer. If your estate involves business interests or setting up trusts, for example, your needs may not be covered by a simple will. The solicitor will advise you of this and you will be asked to pay the balance yourself.

What happens if I decide to use the Network?

Once you tell us you’d like to use the Network we’ll send your contact details to the National Free Wills Network providers – Capacity Marketing. Capacity Marketing is a trusted company that we have worked with for years. They liaise with solicitors on our behalf.

You’ll receive a list of participating solicitors in your area and a voucher code. Use your voucher code to arrange an appointment with the local solicitor of your choosing at your convenience.

Please rest assured that both Epilepsy Action and Capacity Marketing will not share your details with anyone else.

Get my free will

Wording for wills - for solicitors

Residuary legacy

I give ________%  share of my real and personal property not hereby or by any codicil hereto specifically disposed of after payment of my debts, pecuniary and specific legacies, funeral and administration expenses and any taxes in respect of my estate to Epilepsy Action (working name of British Epilepsy Association) registered charity number 234343 of New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7XY.

I direct that the receipt of the duly authorised officer of Epilepsy Action shall be a sufficient discharge for my Executor/Trustees.

Pecuniary legacy

I give the sum of £________ (pounds) free of tax to Epilepsy Action (working name of British Epilepsy Association) registered charity number 234343 of New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7XY.

I direct that the receipt of the duly authorised officer of Epilepsy Action shall be a sufficient discharge for my Executor/Trustees.

Specific legacy

I give my (short description of property given) free of tax to Epilepsy Action (working name of British Epilepsy Association) registered charity number 234343 of New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7XY.

I direct that the receipt of the duly authorised officer of Epilepsy Action shall be a sufficient discharge for my Executor/Trustees.


All of our legacies are administered at our head office:

Epilepsy Action
Gate Way Drive
LS19 7XY

For execution of a will please contact our Deputy Chief Executive, Simon Wigglesworth on 0113 210 8808

Gifts in wills and tax

Gifts to charities in wills are tax efficient if you are liable to pay inheritance tax.

If you are liable to pay inheritance tax any gift you leave to Epilepsy Action will be deducted from your estate before any tax is calculated.

For example, if your estate is £10,000 above the current tax free limit and you leave Epilepsy Action £1000, then inheritance tax will only be payable on the remaining £9000.

Or, if you chose to leave the full £10,000 then your estate would not be liable for any inheritance tax.

If you choose to leave 10% or more to Epilepsy Action, you’ll be taxed at a lower rate (36% instead of 40%) on the rest of the taxable estate.

The threshold at which you become liable for inheritance tax changes from time to time. You can view the current threshold on the UK government website

These rules apply within the UK, if your estate is outside of the UK please refer to your own government rulings.

If you need more information about our work before you make a decision about leaving a gift in your will, please get in touch with Lisa Goodall, your legacy advisor.

How does Epilepsy Action use gifts in wills?

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