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A gift in your will?

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A gift in your will could transform lives for generations to come. It will ensure that people with epilepsy always have a place to turn. Epilepsy Action brings together thousands of people affected by the condition, empowering them to take control.

"It's given me back my life at a time when everything was so difficult. I had bruises all over my face and I was afraid to go outside in case I had another seizure… Now I feel so much more confident about the future, I am living with epilepsy and less afraid of my seizures."

Whether you are writing a will for the first time, or updating an existing will, leaving a gift to charity is easy to do. Its often best to get the help of a solicitor. That way, you can be sure that your wishes for your family and any charities you support will be clearly understood.

The details you need to leave a gift in your will

Charity name: Epilepsy Action
Charity Address: New Anstey House, Gate Way Drive, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7XY
Registered Charity Number: registered charity in England 234343

If you already have a will and simply wish to add a gift to Epilepsy Action you can complete a codicil form and store it with your will. A codicil is read alongside your will and enables you to make changes, without having to rewrite it. You can also make changes to a simple will free of charge, by using our free will writing service.

A free will for you

If you are 55 or over, we have a special service that allows you to write or update a simple will at no cost to you. You don't have to include Epilepsy Action in your will to use this free service, but we hope you'll consider doing so, once your loved ones are provided for.

How does it work?

Complete the online form and our partner, the National Free wills Network will send you a voucher code along with the names and address of at least 2 local solicitors.

You choose your preferred solicitor and contact them directly to arrange your appointment. Your chosen solicitor with then draw up your will free of charge. In order to qualify for the free service, you need to be 55 or over and have a relatively simple will.

The type of gifts you can give

There are three types of gift you can leave in your will.

A share of your estate (residuary) - This is a percentage of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. This type of gift ensures your family and friends are taken care of first and usually maintain their value or increase over time.

A specific sum (pecuniary) - A gift of a set amount of money.

A specific item – this is a gift of a specific item such as a property, land or shares.

Gift in wills and tax

When you leave a gift to a loved one in your will they may have to pay Inheritance Tax. Leaving a gift in your will to charity can sometimes reduce the amount of tax owed. There is normally no Inheritance tax to pay if either:

  • The value of your estate is below the threshold
  • You leave everything above the threshold to your spouse, civil partner, a charity or a community amateur sports club

The threshold at which you become liable for inheritance tax changes from time to time. You can view the current threshold on the UK government website.

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