Time Well Spent with Epilepsy

Published: March 07 2018
Last updated: September 29 2022

Epilepsy Action trustee Stephen Timewell has published his third book – ‘Time Well Spent with Epilepsy’.

‘Time Well Spent with Epilepsy’ chronicles Stephen’s experiences living with epilepsy, travelling and working across the global over six decades. His latest book follows Stephen from growing up in Australia, through the shock of his epilepsy diagnosis, to travelling and working around the world.

Stephen has written about his experiences to highlight how the negative aspects of epilepsy can be overcome. Despite a number of accidents and close calls, including one seizure during a political event in Israel, Stephen has enjoyed a varied and successful career. Through writing about his own experiences Stephen has highlighted how epilepsy can provide its own positives.

Stephen said: “I was inspired by Colin Grant’s book ‘A Smell of Burning’. There’s so little that has been written on personal experiences for people with epilepsy. Epilepsy has historically been poorly understood, and there remain many myths, misunderstanding, stigmas and prejudices around the condition. I thought it was important to make people feel positive about epilepsy – it is possible to have a career and be successful.”

The cover of ‘Time Well Spent with Epilepsy’ features four historical figures who are thought to have had epilepsy. Fyodor Dostoevsky, Joan of Arc, Julius Caesar and Vincent van Gogh did not let their epilepsy stop them from achieving success and recognition. Stephen hopes that his memoirs can inspire other people with epilepsy to do likewise!

Stephen has spent 40 years of his professional career in business, banking and global financial journalism. He was the Editor and is now Editor Emeritus of The Banker magazine, part of the Financial Times Group.

‘Time Well Spent with Epilepsy’ ‘follows Stephen’s previous books, ‘ ‘Time Well Spent’ (2010) and ‘A Decade Well Spent’ (2016). Stephen’s latest book is being published by Amazon.

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