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Child privacy policy

Information supplied by children

Epilepsy Action will not knowingly capture information from children using our web services, unless a child wishes to use our Helpline facilities, become a member or to ask other questions of our staff. If a child uses the Email Helpline facility or uses any other email facility to contact Epilepsy Action, their information will only be used to deal with their enquiry. If a child under 16 joins Epilepsy Action, we will keep their information in order to service their membership. This complies with the regulations of the UK Data Protection Act.

All information supplied to Epilepsy Action is treated with strict confidentiality and kept within the charity. At no times is the information shared with third parties.

The use of images of children

Epilepsy Action recognises the need to protect the privacy and safety of children under 16. To this end, we try to use photographs of models wherever possible. If we are unable to use models, or a family has expressly requested that their photograph is used, we will ensure that no child can be identified through their photograph or the attached text. All such photographs will only be used with the prior permission of the child's parents or guardians and, in the case of children 13 and over, with the additional permission of the child.

The following rules therefore apply:

  • When illustrations of children are required for publications or the website, models will be used wherever possible.
  • If circumstances are such that models are not possible or suitable, the full name of the child will not be given and, if possible, the first name will be changed. The need to change the child’s name must be balanced against the need to acknowledge a child’s contribution to Epilepsy Action’s work. No real surnames or any other personal identifier, such as address, will be used under any circumstances.
  • Wherever possible, photographs of children other than models should be in a group situation. Close up shots should be avoided if at all possible.
  • No photographs of children under 16 will be used without the prior written permission of relevant parents or guardians. In the case of children aged 13 and over, the child’s permission will also be required.
  • No photographs of children will be used in which a child is inappropriately dressed

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