Your child's epilepsy

This section gives information and resources for you and your child, to help you understand their epilepsy and get support.

It also includes information for anyone who cares for a child or adult with learning disabilities.

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Are you a parent with epilepsy?

Find what you’re looking for on our parenting with epilepsy page


Find out more about how epilepsy can affect babies, and how it might be diagnosed and treated.

Mother comforting her baby.
two children hugging and smiling with one child sitting in a wheelchair.

Young people

Information and resources for teenagers and young adults, including our website the Epilepsy Space.

A student with epilepsy with fellow student smiling after recieving exam results
Adult with a learning disability and epilepsy sitting in a restaurant.

Someone with learning disabilities

Find out more about how epilepsy can affect children and adults with learning disabilities, and the support available.

Support for parents

Discover resources to help keep your child safe, find out more about epilepsy and get the support that you need.

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