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Getting to head office

Epilepsy Action's headquarters are in Yeadon, nine miles north-west of Leeds city centre.

By car

Yeadon is on the A65 Leeds to Ilkley road.  Epilepsy Action's headquarters are on Gate Way Drive, off Whack House Lane.

By train

The nearest railway station is at Guiseley (no taxi rank, local taxi numbers) 1½ miles away.

Leeds city centre station (9 miles away) is served by direct trains from most major cities across the UK and is around 30 minutes away by taxi (rank at the station entrance, fares around £20).

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Use the Cycle Streets journey planner to find the best route to cycle to our head office. 

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Leeds-Bradford International Airport is only 2½ miles away. Direct scheduled flights are available to/from many British and European cities.

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Yeadon is served by a number of bus routes. The easiest way to find the right bus to our offices is by using the Metro journey planner.

  • To/from Leeds city centre and Kirkstall: buses 33 and 33a
  • To/from Harrogate: 747
  • To/fron Otley: 33a
  • To/from Horsforth railway station and Headingley: 97
  • To/from Bradford: 737 (via Shipley) and 747 (via Greengates)
  • To/from Guiseley: 33, 33a, 97 and 737

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I am epileptic and have nocturnal auras for the last 10 years for which I am granted a three licence. The other day I fainted in the daytime. Not knowing quite what it was I acted too quickly and told the DVLA it was an aura. I went to see my neurologist who said that I could drive and that it was indeed a faint and wrote a letter to the DVLA verifying this. They now say they have sent my case to the doctor's panel who say you can be issued with a one year licence, a three year licence or a ban. They take six months to reply and I am distressed and upset. Would you know whether there is a chance of getting my licence back.

Thank you

Submitted by Rosalind Wilson on

Dear Rosalind

Thank you for your further contact with Epilepsy Action.

As previously discussed, unfortunately we have no control over the DVLA and their procedures.  So this means we cannot offer any further information on your situation.

It would be best to talk to the DVLA.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by Diane-Epilepsy ... on

Sorry to mither. Can lamotrigine cause chest pain

Submitted by Marie on


Lamotrigine, as a side-effect, can cause pain in your back, joints or elsewhere. 

If you are still having chest pains it would be best to talk to your GP or NHS 111 so they can rule out any other medical reason for this.

If we can be of any more help, please feel free to contact us again, either by email or the Epilepsy Action Helpline freephone 0808 800 5050. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5.30pm.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by rich on

I have recently been diagnosed with epilepsy and I was given epilim 500 because this stopped/helped my seizures my neurologist told me I probably didn't have epilepsy which were focal seizures. Since then I nearly crossed a road at a crossing before it was safe someone stopped me i was not aware of my actions I told my doctor who told me if it happens again to come back she eventually wrote to my neurologist who has suggested increasing my tablets but still implies I do not have epilepsy I'm confused ?? What are my focal seizures they are related to head injuries I have had a TBI and a second head injury in 2010 thankyou

Submitted by Debbie Grinnell on

Hi Debbie, 

Thank you for your post. 

This does sound confusing.

It sounds like your GP is quite supportive so could you talk to them about your concern. It may be they will arrange for you to have an appointment with the neurologist. Or if necessary they may refer you to a different neurologist.

If you haven’t already you may find it helpful to look at information on what is epilepsy, diagnosis epilepsy and treatments. This may help you put some questions to your GP and neurologist.

If we can be of any more help, please feel free to contact our helpline team directly. You can either email helpline@epilespy.org.uu or phone the Epilepsy Action Helpline freephone 0808 800 5050. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 5.30pm.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by rich on

My 4 year old granddaughter has doose (rare). Do you know if the meds affect her speech. She talks very well at times but can't speak clearly at other times. Is it the seizures or the meds which cause her inablilty to speak. She seems better in the afternoon. Worse when she first wakes up. Sometimes she speaks very clearly and other times she has trouble. Thank you

Submitted by tess fry on

Dear Tess

It is possible for some epilepsy medicine and some types of epilepsy to affect speech.

Some children with Doose syndrome can experience some learning difficulties, which may affect their speech.

If you let me know which epilepsy medicine your granddaughter takes, I can look at the possible side-effects for you. Alternately you can look on the information sheet with her medicine.



Epilepsy Action Helpline Team

Submitted by rich on

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