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National Epilepsy Week 2015 (17-23 May) #epilepsyweek

National Epilepsy Week 2015 will be from Sunday 17 to Saturday 23 May 2015

As soon as we have information about what will be happening during the week, we'll update this page.  We'll also add information to @epilepsyaction on Twitter.

Take a look at our National Epilepsy Week 2014

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Don't stare.
Donate !

Submitted by Mick on

I have had epilepsy since 1985 and have always wanted to save lives of those that need it, I would love to donate something that I am able to but have epilepsy so I can't , this makes me very very sad, wanting to help but can't don't seem fair especially to someone that could die.

Submitted by jane yeomans on

Hi Jane

Thanks for your comment. It’s great that you want to help people.

There are many ways to help people living with epilepsy. Volunteers play a critical part of our work here at Epilepsy Action. If you would like to become involved, please see the volunteering section of our website.

Although in the UK you’re not permitted to donate blood currently, you can still donate organs. For more information you could ask at your GP practice, or visit www.organdonation.nhs.uk.


Advice & Information Team

Submitted by Sacha-Epilepsy ... on