Epilepsy Action launches new brand inspired by people with epilepsy

Published: June 19 2024
Last updated: June 19 2024

Kami Kountcheva | Epilepsy Action has launched its new brand and logo, designed to represent the disruption that epilepsy causes in people’s lives

Epilepsy Action new logoEpilepsy Action has launched its new brand and logo, designed to represent the “interruption” that epilepsy causes in people’s lives.

The new brand has a “digital-first approach” and is intended to help the organisation reach a wider audience and better visually represent the condition.

Epilepsy Action said the brand identity was created with the contribution of more than 5,000 people with epilepsy.

Tom McLaughlan, from Cumbria, was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1982, at the end of his first year of college.

For him “interruptive” is a key word to describe his epilepsy. He doesn’t get any warnings for his seizures, and his life has been disrupted by his condition many times.

He said: “I get no warnings about my seizures. The first I know about it is either when someone tells me I’ve had a seizure, or if I’ve been on my own sometime afterwards, when I realise what’s gone on or what must have gone on.

“I went for 20-something years without any seizures. I was controlled, I thought. Then I had a breakthrough one.”

The new look accompanies Epilepsy Action’s six-year strategy, unveiled at the end of 2023, aiming to “create a world without limits” for people with epilepsy.

The strategy outlines three big ambitions, including improving the lives of people with epilepsy, making everyone in the UK aware of epilepsy and becoming fully inclusive.

Instantly recognisable

Jon Eaton, director of communications and digital engagement at Epilepsy Action, said the new brand was part of the organisation’s goal to increase its reach and boost awareness.

He said: “Last year, we heard from more than 5,000 people with epilepsy as we developed our new strategy. So many told us they needed us to make epilepsy more visible, to remove stigma and make the public more aware.

“What makes epilepsy unique from other health conditions is the fact it is unpredictable. We wanted to get across this reality in our new brand.

“Epilepsy should not be trivialised. It is a life-changing condition that affects 630,000 people in the UK.

“Seventy-nine people receive an epilepsy diagnosis every day. Every year, 1,000 people die from their epilepsy. But with the right medication, most people with epilepsy can live fulfilling lives. As well as being hard-hitting, we need our brand to give people hope too.

“Reaching as many people as possible, especially outside of the epilepsy bubble, is one of our main goals for the next six years. We want everyone to know what epilepsy is, and how they can help someone with the condition. We’re hoping having a new, instantly recognisable look will let us do exactly that.”

This is the organisation’s first rebrand since 2001. The new look will be featured in TV adverts on More 4, as well as on the high street. So, keep an eye out, and if you spot us in your area tweet or tag us on Instagram.