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Every year, nearly 29,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy.

Without support, their mental health can start to rapidly decline, we have to act now and get them to that support.

Your generous gift will help us towards our £20,000 goal, helping more people like Andy.


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Before his epilepsy diagnosis, Andy was out all the time, spending time with his wife and children and running every day.

Andy was full of fear, he felt like he couldn’t go out, he felt taken away from his children. Andy worried he was a burden, he lost that independence and his mental health started to get worse.

That was until he found Epilepsy Action. He found the right support. He was able to regain his independence. Andy got his life back.

Andy outdoors Graphic showing the following stats: 87% of people with epilepsy said their mental health was affected, 50% say they feel lonely or isolated, 69% said it limited their independence, 59% feared having a seizure in front of others, 31% had suicidal thoughts

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Make a difference for people like Andy

Make a difference for people like Andy
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