Personal accident insurance

Peace of mind if the worst happens

Epilepsy Action works with PIB Insurance Brokers to provide a basic level of cover if you’re killed or injured in an accident, including as a result of a seizure.

The personal accident insurance included with membership of Epilepsy Action provides £1,000 worth of cover to each member. That means a total payment of £1,000 in the event of any or all of the following:

  • Death resulting from an accident
  • Loss of one or more limbs resulting from an accident
  • Loss of sight in one or both eyes resulting from an accident
  • Loss of speech or loss of hearing resulting from an accident
  • Permanent total disablement resulting from an accident.

Please note – In the case of members who are aged under 16 or over 66 the Permanent Total Disablement is excluded unless you are in paid employment.

The scheme features the following benefits:

  • £1,000 of cover, free for all Epilepsy Action members
  • Age-limit of 85 years

You also have the choice of the four additional policy limits at their standard one-off annual prices:

  • Bronze (£2,500 cover limit): £5
  • Silver (£5,000 cover limit): £10
  • Gold (£12,500 cover limit): £25
  • Platinum (£20,000 cover limit): £40
The premiums shown are net of Insurance Premium Tax, which will be paid on your behalf by PIB Insurance Brokers.

For more information on this scheme, please see the Personal Accident Insurance booklet, Policy Summary and Policy Wording or call the Epilepsy Action membership team on 0113 210 8810.

Buying additional cover

Members can buy extra units of insurance for the four limit options detailed above. For further details, please read our Personal Accident Insurance booklet.

Making a claim

To make a claim please contact PIB Insurance Brokers on 01904 784141.

Please refer to the Personal Accident Insurance booklet for a list of conditions covered by the policy before making your claim.

In all instances you should quote your Epilepsy Action membership number and give brief details about the accident and when it happened.


This scheme is available exclusively to members of Epilepsy Action living in the UK. There are some restrictions on eligibility and cover for those over 66 or under 16 years of age. Please refer to the Personal Accident Insurance booklet for details.

If you have a child with epilepsy and you would like them to receive the insurance cover, the membership must be in their name (but can still be paid for by an adult).

Our partnership with PIB Insurance Brokers

Any offer of insurance, and the premium charged, remains a commercial decision based on a calculation of risk by the insurer/underwriter sourced by PIB Insurance Brokers.

If you have a query about your membership then you can contact us on 0113 210 8810, or by email to

If you have a query on any aspect of your personal accident insurance then you should phone PIB Insurance Brokers on +44 (0)1904 784141.

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