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Amrit - Purple Day 2019

Amrit’s epilepsy story began when she was just three days old. When she was little doctors said she had myoclonic jerks – this was when her left arm or leg would twitch for no reason. Then she started having febrile seizures. Doctors diagnosed her with focal epilepsy and she started taking daily medication, but her seizures didn’t stop.

In 2015, she was referred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for tests. They revealed she has scarring on the temporal lobe of her brain, which affects her memory. She had surgery, which reduced her seizures. Her lasts seizure was in November and she has also increased her medication.

Amrit’s mum Gurvinder says she doesn’t really see herself as different to any other children as she’s had epilepsy all her life. She doesn’t fully understand the impact of it, but just understands it’s part of her. When she talks about it, she calls it her ‘wiggly thumb’ as she only really remembers the beginning part of her seizure. Amrit says her messages get mixed up all the time in her head. Her friends are all really kind and look out for her.

Epilepsy can be scary at any age. For children and families it can be terrifying. A donation from you today could really help to take away that worry and anxiety. Epilepsy Action produces special kids' packs that explain epilepsy in simple, understandable terms. They cost just £3 each, so your gift could help families understand the condition and know how to go about getting help and treatment. You really would be making a life-changing difference to a child like Amrit.

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Amrit - Purple Day 2019
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