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I find the increasing amount of flashing lights within daily life, especially in entertainment an ongoing problem. From diagnosis of my temporal lobe epilepsy (complex partial seizures) in my twenties (although it started in my teens, which explained a lot in hindsight) I was advised not to attend the cinema. However, TV films - along with some programmes have so many effects in them now, I find them impossible to watch. They do not bring on a seizure but are too much for my eyes to cope with and I just have to look away (possibly for some, like having to travel through trees in the sun in winter-time which creates a strobe effect).

I will add that one of my meds, many years ago gave me a temporary photosensitivity problem which I've overcome, to a degree. However, I don't know how much of my issue is related to that......

My main point is enjoying music and live shows - from music in theatre to live music acts is a No. I'm not even able to watch many TV entertainment shows due to the increasing amount of lights that flash to the beat of the music. I absolutely LOVE listening to music - thank goodness for live radio and the entertainment presenters and music provide. This keeps me going on a daily basis!! I only have to hear the start of a good "dance" record and I can't keep still!

So, I'd like to ask

1) Does this affect any other sufferers else out there?
2) Have you found any effective coping mechanisms?
3) Have you approached anyone about it?

Fortunately, living in a beautiful area of the country and loving nature, I can appreciate many other natural things in life but when the days draw in and winter, especially Xmas approaches - again there are many things I'm unable to attend due to the immense array of lighting that has now been created for all to enjoy. Many who suffer with migraines etc must feel the same, I expect.

Are there solutions? I'd love to know, as even a rotating fan in a restaurant in hot weather reflects on cutlery; games machines in bar/restaurants are too much to bear. Even a fluorescent light with a slight flicker is too much to bear.

So many of my lovely friends know now, that when they attend events they tell me they've said "Poor Debbie couldn't come to this!" in a light-hearted manner. I don't want sympathy, just some comments on how this affects others or am I alone?

Thank you for reading this - and if you do, taking the time to respond. :-)

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