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Lee Rzepkowski

Hi, my name is Lee, living in England with my own property at Great Barr of Birmingham, now being 49 there are many things seen but plenty more of which wanting for seeing in large hopes having so much interest and knowledge of epilepsy is wider than believed after experienced unbelievably awake as well.

Since becoming epileptic this neurological problem have never stopped me achieving so much let me explain some of the ways there have been and gone to improve my health this unbelievable time because since childhood visits back and forth to one Children’s hospital in Birmingham my home city of which coming from after coming to and from the second biggest city outside of London which is central.

Itchy nerve feelings in my stomach regularly coming at heartbeat which regularly would bring my voice to rise after ten beats often soon after reaching the age of eleven something happened causing me to be studied more now going onto Aston University for more scans pus more this would be regularly made for tests for medication for more ideas as to what was causing everything.

By regularly now seeing neurologists on regular occasions just like the hospital before soon after some concentration on medical people worked out from tests that it looked as everything was connected to epilepsy at just the age of eleven so soon it was on to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital another at Edgbaston also in Birmingham this is a big city and after being confirmed to having epilepsy work soon began again.

So with EEG or another way of putting it is an electroencephalogram (EEG) which is a test that detects electrical activity in your brain using small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to your scalp. Your brain cells communicate via electrical impulses and are active all the time, even when you're asleep. This activity shows up as wavy lines on an EEG recording.

Eventually after more concentration and not being able to find what became of the form to which the damage to me causing this neuro disability soon it was on down to Denmark Hill for major tests and more looking into this condition I came down with day and night the Electrodes were inserted into my scalp for 48 hours to detect where the problem was coming from.

After that everything became more serious thoughts of finding something which took me up and down from the West Midlands to London on regular occasions medication testing with numerous other things eventually something became of all so the offer came of Brain Surgery which I underwent last thing remembering in the hospital was “Lee, we are going to let you have a sleep and shall wake you in the morning.”

Well woke up the next day looked into the mirror and to my horror the left side of my scull was massive so swollen it was unbelievable well after a few days I left the hospital wearing a cap everywhere not showing my swollen head but still proud of what I had achieved with such confidence in and out of hospital becoming so proud of undergoing surgery.

Rushing into 2001, another visit was made this now though not for tests but for my second form of brain surgery so after tests of many kinds now it became surgery again so in I went this not the Maudsley that now became a department for MRI Scans the hospital was now opposite called King College where the surgery was undergone awake so the sensations which were thought to be Auras was made.

One of my Neurologists stood asking me questions concerning the Auras and when I was going to have one suddenly I said “I am having one now suddenly the sensation got to nine and then stopped then the surgery became finished and after the operation whenever I went around the sensation or Aura would reach nine heart beats and then stopped so that is the distance we had undergone with surgery.

A few years went on with tests and in 2007 after more CAT and MRI plus EEG tests being made and in that after expecting to undergo tests my surgeon and neurologist came into the room waiting for me and when me and family arrived my Professor who had made the surgery in 2001 explained something unexpected but on finding out they could do surgery again my surgeon explained what could be achieved.

He said “Lee we can erase the Auras and reduce the Epilepsy the only problem would be a reduction in your memory or we can erase the epilepsy totally but your memory would be erased totally so I decided to what he said they can erase the Auras and reduce the Epilepsy.

The shock was the surgery would need to be done awake as if I had been asleep it would be to dangerous so the operation was undergone with surgeons -after a few hours the operation was made and everything went well so in 2007 brain surgery was undergone for the brain tumour that had earlier I had got the damage was on the left temporal lobe on the Hippocampus everything went well with my Non-Malignant Brain tumour.

Today the Seizures are much improved my memory is still good I am in superb shape and one big success is the surgery has taken away the Auras.

Lee Rzepkowski
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