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Georgia Kett

I've had Epilepsy since the age of two. According to a medical form that's been written by my Adult Epilepsy Nurse, whom, when I looked back recently at some of my old blog posts, introduced me to this site, to begin with, I was formally diagnosed at four and a half years with Absence Epilepsy. I am now 22 years old.

It was always hard to accept growing up and having seizures in front of my classmates was not particularly pleasant either. My first high school seizure was in Year 7. I suffer, once a year from tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal) and absence seizure frequently, which limits my driving capabilities.

In my last year of high school, I took some time out to have an operation. I had a Vagal Nerve Stimulator implanted into my vocal cord with a wire that's connected to my brain. The battery inside the device has to be replaced every few years and sends buzzes to your brain so you can stay concentrated and more alert. I returned home from the operation just after my sixteenth birthday with a very hoarse throat. Since then, it has helped me out a lot.

I never enjoyed high-school. I got bullied terribly and people had no care or sympathy for my condition or the hardships I was facing at the time. In Year 9, aged 14, I was diagnosed with having Asperger's Syndrome and had only one friend at the time to stick by me.

Now that I am older and I've been through high-school and college I'm looking for a job. I've been in and out of employment since leaving college. It seriously hurts and knocks your confidence so much when you all you do is try your damndest. I'm hoping I'll find the right job soon and everything will fall into place, thereafter.

Please feel free to message me anything about my story. I'm called "MissUnique1995" on the forum chat.

Please click on the link attached if you are interested in learning about my VNS Epilepsy Treatment.

Georgia Kett
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Good girl Georgia , school is a hard time to deal with these things but things will get better for you .You are a determined and smart person who will get on well in life.Once you get a job you like you will feel much better and you will meet new people in time.

Submitted by Thomas Regan on
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