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of everyone affected by epilepsy


Gabriel shared his story with us for Volunteers' Week 2017. Find out more about volunteering for Epilepsy Action.

I helped out at the Bradford 10k by giving water out to the runners. I went there because it sounded fun and I wanted to help out.

I felt nervous and worried about going. If someone asked me to why to volunteer I would say because it’s fun and helpful. It is important to give time or money to charity to help other people.

I was on the front table refilling the cups while someone else gave them out, it was very tiring.

Someone said “Are any of you hungry?” and a few of us said yes, so he went to a nearby shop and got us some digestives and sweets. When there were less runners, I got to hand out the water.

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My mum has epilepsy, it’s very scary. I want you to know how dangerous it is.  If mummy has a seizure, I think people should not be too worried but understand that it can be dangerous. I want people to know how to help my mum if she has a seizure.

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