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My story about childhood epilepsy,
I remember going up to my new middle school 11 years ago (24 now) at 13 I didn't understand what was happening. I would just go into a daze, spill drinks and look into space. I would lose control of anything I had or was doing, and gradually the seizures got worse, having multiple a day. One time I was riding my pushbike and lost control into a pile of stinging nettles. I broke my little sisters chair, I would have them in assembly or the school discos. With the absence seizures I found them difficult to handle and embarrassing because after the seizure you are aware of whats just happened and peoples reactions. People would ask if I was okay and I'd tell them to go away. I felt different, I hated the lack of control I had with my body and I just wanted it to go away! I couldn't bath alone and I missed out on some of my teenage years. I hate how some people think epilepsy isn't that bad or that there's worst conditions, it's something you wouldn't understand how debilitating it can be unless you have it yourself or know someone who has it. After the right medication stopped my seizures the pediatrician recommended I slowly weened off my meds and I have been seizure free for 11 years now. I am one of the many few who became free from epilepsy. Every single day I feel blessed it's another day I am seizure free. We take so much for granted in life, and I have learnt whatever life throws at you, we have to make the most from it.

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