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At the age of 24 I gave up my masters degree for a job I thought I had always wanted, however within a few weeks I started going dizzy and absent.

After being diagnosed with stress I thought very little of it. I continued driving and living my life normally until out of the blue I had a seizure at the wheel of the car resulting in a horrific accident.

After being taken to hospital I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I left my job and went through so many different types of medication, all of which had different side effects and I was now sometimes reaching up to 5 seizures a day.

My confidence was knocked tremendously, I had lost my licence and my independance, but despite all of this I went back to persue my masters degree and wouldn't let epilepsy take away my ambition.

I got a part time job that helped me and began to draw again something I had always loved. 3 years on and i have been seizure free for a year and a half, I graduated with a distinction, have a job I love and have been granted my driving licence back.

My confidence is still getting there and the uncertainty of something happening that can take everything away is still with me everyday but I will not let epilepsy change my life again.

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