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I was diagnosed at 18 and the cause was unknown until I started retracing my steps. I realised I began having seizures after I started having problems in my relationship. My neurologist said that my brain tried to re-wire itself as a coping mechanism to help deal with a messy end of a relationship.

Gradually since I've been to university and had the stress of coursework and things, my seizures have progressed to tonic-clonic. I wake up not knowing where I am, limbs are numb and I speak like a baby. I am practically inanimate for the next 3 days. It has worsened since then and some seizures come seemingly unprovoked. The most annoying thing about mine is my memory loss. But I am quite content with having epilepsy, I've embraced it as a part of me and yeah, seizures aren't great but it makes me unique and I like that. If it's a part of me for the rest of my life then so be it.

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Having epilepsy since 7 doctors don’t always know is to keep a best advice I can give is keep a comprehensive log of seizures and what triggered them times of
Seizures and log drugs you have been or take since it took for ever for doctors to admit noise triggered my attacks have had so many doctors that have been put on new medication only for me to

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