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My story starts when I was 11, my first night in Disneyworld , every girls dream. I woke up, shouting ' I've got a nose bleed ' , didnt know what was going on! Running into the bathroom, starting being sick, next thing I knew I see a man and hes shouting ' cassie can you hear me ' , I wake up, and I'm in the hospital with my mum. It's even more scarier because it's so much different than an English hospital, my nan, grandad and brother are waiting in the waiting room, watching finding nemo about 4 times over.

While I'm with my mum. They do scans and all sorts and a women says to me ' you have epilepsy ' , I cried because mainly I didnt have a clue what it was! I was ill for most of that holiday aswell. Came back home, told my friends at school 'I have epilepsy , I have epilepsy, '.

I agree, it's hard, because I work with children, I would love to do au pair , but the thing is, telling people I have epilepsy, they dont trust you with their children. They want you to drive aswell, obviously, I cant drive.

My dream is to go traveling , I wouldnt mind going alone, but I cant as I have epilepsy, it does effect me yes. BUT it has calmed down alot since I've had it, i know how to control it, what to do and what not to do. It's so hard to explain, the moment JUST before I'm going to have a fit. Cant explain what it feels like, nobody is around, everything is confusing, I don't know what everyone is talking about. Things are hard, but I get through it, and hopefully people will understand I know when it's going to happen and can trust me. Still cant swallow pills without it taking me 5 minutes after 11 years !!

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