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Charissa Chapman

I got diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 15, I am now 32. It was difficult believing it at that age, so I got very embarrassed when telling friends and work colleagues etc. I thought I may be experiencing these symptoms due to my transposition of the great arteries (congenital heart disease).

I used to feel as though people thought I was lying or making it up, and when I stare into space and chew on my gum my slurred speech starts. Then at night I will bite my tongue and wet myself like a baby and black out, feel zoned out for days after. People must have thought it was because I had a few alcoholic drinks so I started to believe that too. So I Just carried on with life and tried to hide it the best I could, I would never take medication prescribed to me but I knew and felt I wasn't right.

In 2014 I moved to Scotland and started experiencing a lot of other health problems, work didn't go too well for me as a carer as I was having a lot of seizures around the elderly, so had to leave my job and several other jobs also.

Finally saw a neurologist in 2016 after all them years ago when I was first diagnosed who explained I am having complex partial seizures and temporal lobe epilepsy. I tried lots of different medications and still now trying other new medications to try and control them. It's a big struggle everyday as I don't know what's coming one day to the next but I try to remain strong and calm and enjoy my life with all the struggles I face with epilepsy.

Charissa Chapman
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