Hi, my names Shara-Rose and I was born with epilepsy. When I was born, I was stuck in hospital with my mum. The hospital kept me under their surveillance and after a week I was fine to go back home after experiencing seizures. When I was 18 months old, thats when it all started again and the GP at my doctors surgery thought it was "breath holding attacks" to later find out after having MRI and EEG scans and after a couple of years, that I have epilepsy.

Since then I had always gone to my pediatric appointments for my epilepsy, to find out I have epy-mal or so now they are known as, absences as well as tonic clonic - generalized seizures. From being in school, at home, out with friends etc I have always had seizures, but mainly absences.

Knowing of this or the next day, or just come round from having a seizure is the worst part ever. It can take 2 days to start to feel normal again after having the sensation of being ran over by a lorry over your head and just ran the London marathon 20 times! I also have epilepsy twitches as an adult - myoclonic's.

I have been through the mill as you call it, for medication. Some made me so ill that I just couldn't keep taking it and so many trips back and forth from home to the hospital. When I turned 18 years old, I had an appointment with my Doctor. I am now on a controlled drug called levetiracetam. I feel a bit of normallity now.

It has taken years but I'm getting there. To all who have epilepsy, things do take time, we are normal but we all have our own unquiness that we should have the confidence to embrace. I now live independently with help and support but I am living alone! Something that I thought I'd never achieve. Things are possible with the right support, advice and also guidance.

Don't feel ashamed, feel empowered that you have something that no one else does! This is what keeps me motivated. Thank you for your website and helping me with advice over the years and also to the doctors who have helped me with my epilepsy.

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